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Clementine Libre I am so honored to meet you here. This website is here so that you can contact me for my guidance services. I approach wellness from the energetic level which is why I associate what my work with Vibrational Wellness and Alignment. I meet people exactly where they are and supports and guide you to where you are dreaming of being. I am a bridge between an inspired decision made by you, to make changes in your life and what could perhaps feel like the overwhelming reality of how to actually get that done. Coming from addiction and chronic PTSD, I incorporate my knowledge gained over a twelve year long journey into my own wellness and my devotion to consciousness work, inner child work and the realms of emotional alignment, to support you and yours in a balanced way so that you can achieve truly lasting shifts and learn how to lovingly embrace a new lifestyle and new experience. Though I offer guidance in diet, lifestyle and sessions in emotional healing and alignment, through my years of work and exploration, I have also acquired an incredible team of affiliated healthcare practitioners to include in your process. From colon hydro-therapy to functional medicine, intuitive body work to ecstatic dance, whatever it is that you need to assist you in successfully charting your health destiny in a balanced way. From my own self-love practices and inner work, I have truly tapped-in and this means I am here for you as a grounded and knowledgeable point of contact that can guide you in taking it to the next level in the most professional yet loving way possible. I offer one-on-one Emotional Alignment sessions and have worked with everyone from the average per wishing to get out of the cycle of emotional triggers, to people going through divorce, military suffering PTSD and various others experiencing emotional trauma, as well as group sessions and workshops. I have taught at Bhakti Fest, Shakti Fest, Lucidity Festival, Unify Fest and local gatherings and meditation groups in the wellness and healing community. Many are now being called to exit the cycle of healing and enter their New Earth Assignment of Creating and I am here to help you move through any walls or barriers that may be slowing you down. I look forward to our connection. I share with you much Love and many Blessings. ~ Clementine I

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